Absolute Business Success LLC has ‘roots’ in four separate endeavors committed to helping regional owners and executive leaders achieve greater success in both their business efforts and personal lives. The foundation for this entity was laid in 1981 within a financial services consulting practice focused more on helping others develop and change than with simply providing the solutions for their evident needs.

That individual practice evolved into a nationally recognized area sales team; which led to opportunities to contribute to the substantial growth and recognition of a regional sales and service operation; which ultimately led to a key role in taking a local investment advisor firm to nation-wide service proportions.

The training, presenting, development, analysis, and leadership skills Jim Munro applied during those roles led to his being referred to as “Coach” long before that nomenclature would be licensed, certified, or recognized as a viable business function (beyond athletic or artistic endeavors).


Currently, Absolute Business Success is focusing on its core offering(s):

Jim Munro, Business Coach: Consulting (training, presenting, systems) and personal coaching solutions.


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